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Build a Better Business

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  • Evaluate business opportunities
  • Identify strengths and what works in your business
  • Evaluate all cost cutting opportunities
  • Create an efficiently run business
  • Focus your business
  • Plan to succeed
  • Cut overhead expenses
Recent Happenings:
  • Member of Pro Panel, Pro Magazine, 2016
  • PRO Panel article for Pro Magazine May 2015 - “How to Sell Enhancements"
  • Green Industry Pro Magazine: The First Step to Growing Your Company
  • Green industry Pro Magazine: Contractor Success Guide, October 2011 issue - Article on Organizational Structure for a Growing Business.
  • Pro Magazine's Annual Crew Chief Success Guide April 2011, "How to Become the Best Crew in Your Company"


Jon Ewing Consulting Services, works with businesses to establish goals, improve profitability, focus on customers, and grow your business. We specialize in identifying key business indicators, improving your organizational structure, identifying your strengths, and improving your value. With over 30 years of experience in business development, we're positioned to help you create vision, clarity, organization, structure and profitability!

Jon Ewing Consulting Services empowers its clients to take control of their business by identifying strengths and evaluating business opportunities. We help our clients create an efficiently run business with a plan for success.

We will show you how to manage through difficult economic periods while adding value to your business!

Jon Ewing Consulting Services.

Experience to share. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Home | Services | Products | About Us | Contact Us

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